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Peace in Colombia There is an Agreement in Colombia: Now we Need the Yes to Win in the Referendum

The Network of Intellectuals, Artists, and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity* expresses its full support for the agreements reached in Havana Cuba between the FARC-EP and the Government of Juan Manuel Santos regarding Peace in Colombia. It is no more or less than a prelude to the end of the Colombian armed conflict that has gone on for more than five decades of war.
At this historic moment we want to remember Commander Hugo Chávez Frías who was the main promoter of this agreement outside of the borders of Colombia. We also must congratulate Fidel and Raúl Castro, architects of Latin American unity, for the laborious work done by them in relation to this issue. With the peace in Colombia, Latin America and the Caribbean takes a great step forward to become a “Zone of Peace" as established by the Declaration of Havana of CELAC.
The Network in Defense of Humanity also calls for support to the agreements in the voting booths for the plebiscite that will take place on October 2 in Colombia. In there, the sons and daughters of Bolivar will say YES to Peace, to Life, and to Social Justice. On the other side, as always, will be Uribe and the followers of Santander, who seek to put sticks in the wheel of Peace for Colombia and the entire region.

Danny Glover
Estela Bravo
Documentary filmmaker
Piero Gleijeses
Professor, Author
James Early
Consultant: Cultural Democracy and Statecraft Heritage Policy, African Diaspora
Jane Franklin
Historian, author of Cuba and the U.S. Empire: A Chronological History
Jose Pertierra
Thomas Gumbleton
Former Bishop of Detroit
Chelis Lopez
Cultural Worker, host of Radio KPOO in San Francisco
and Radio Bilingue in Oakland
Michael Parenti
Author and lecturer
Nelson Valdes
Professor Emeritus, Retired, Sociology
Gayle McLaughlin
Former Mayor of Richmond, CA; currently Council Member
Peter Schey
Executive Director, Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law
Cristina Vazquez
International Vice President of Workers United-SEIU
Felix Salvador Kury
Program Director & Faculty Advisor, Clínica Martín-Baró, SFSU-UCSF
Clarence Thomas
Past Secretary-Treasurer ILWU Local 10
James Cockcroft
Lecturer and writer

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