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Writer, Professor, Revolutionary.

Select interviews by and of Cockcroft on Iran, including Khomeini in Paris, 1978 - 1979 , + articles and award-winning book

The following is a small selection of references to the many interviews conducted by James Cockcroft on Iran, including the famous one of Khomeini in Paris 1978-1979, as well as interviews of Cockcroft himself conducted by other researchers/commentators in Farsi and English.
James Cockcroft, "Iran’s Khomeini,” an exclusive interview by Jim Cockcroft, SEVEN DAYS, February 23, 1979, Volume III, Number 1, pp. 17-24.
Interview with James Cockcroft about CIA in Iran then and now, Arash # 108, sept-oct 2012, published in Farsi and together with the English version posted at SEE ALSO: James D. Cockcroft, "Ayat Alla Khumayni's vision of a New Republic," IRAN REVIEW (February 20, 1979); "On the Ideological and Social Character of Iran's Revolution," in IRAN: PRECAPITALISM, CAPITALISM AND REVOLUTION, edited by Georg Stauth (Saarbrucken/Fort Lauderdale: Verlag Publishers 1980), pp. 139-61, and in RIPEH/REVIEW OF IRANIAN POLITICAL ECONOMY & HISTORY, IV:2, V:1 (Fall 1980, Spring 1981), pp. 1-26, among other publications; and MOHAMMED REZA PAHLAVI SHAH OF IRAN. NY: Chelsea House, 1989, photog.s, bibliog., chron., index [award-winning book].