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Writer, Professor, Revolutionary.

New Cockcroft Books, Articles, & Lecture Tours 2010-2011 Centenary Mexican Revolution

In 2010-2011 Dr. James D. Cockcroft is conducting a lecture/book tour in Mexico, USA, Canada and Europe on topics related to Mexico and US interventionism. Cockcroft’s tours include his May Day appearances in 2010 and 2011 in Mexico City’s main plaza as a member of civil society’s International Tribunal on Trade Union Freedom and Tribunal Internacional de Conciencia de los pueblos en Movimiento.

The year 2010 marked the Centenary of the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1917 and Bi-centenary of Mexico’s War for Independence. Accordingly, several related books by Cockcroft appeared at bookstores.

The Spanish translation of Cockcroft’s “Intellectual Precursors of the Mexican Revolution” (Siglo veintiuno editors, 1971, now in its 25th edition) has been used for many years in Mexico as an indispensable text for various university careers. Its original English version (1968, paperback edition with note to Chicano readers 1976) was re-issued by University of New Mexico Press (the 1976 paperback).

Three new books by Cockcroft are: “Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now” (New York: Monthly Review Press), ; “Precursores intelectuales en el México del siglo xxi” (México: Jorale Editores/Orfila); and a French edition of the Monthly Review Press book to appear in 2011 (Paris: Éditions Syllepse).

Numerous articles on Mexico in 2010-2011 by Cockcroft in various languages are also available, including the following:
1. “México: Imperialismo, estados fallidos, nuevas guerras y resistencia,” Revista MEMORIA (Mexico City) No. 245 (agosto 2010), 4-10,
2. “Mexico: ‘Failed States’, New Wars, Resistance,” MONTHLY REVIEW, November 2010,
3. “Mexico’s Crisis in Historical Context: Trotsky’s Law of Uneven and Combined Development,” AGAINST THE CURRENT, September-October 2010, 17-19,
4. « La révolution mexicaine : cent ans après 1910-2010 » SolidaritéS 175/Cahiers émancipationS, 01 octobre 2010, and
5. « Mexique : crises et résistances » Nouveaux Cahiers du socialisme, Numéro 5 (Hiver 2011), .

Here is ordering information with pre-publication reviews of the Monthly Review Press book:
Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now
by James D. Cockcroft
ISBN: 978-1-58367-224-2
$14.95 paperback.
160 pages
History / Latin America & The Caribbean
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“This timely book that marks the bicentennial of Mexico’s independence from Spain as well as the centennial of the Mexican Revolution provides a context for understanding the anti-imperialist resistance of the Mexican people and the current capitalist crisis that is creating economic refugees of hundreds of thousands of Mexicans. A passionate, beautifully written work that clarifies, informs, and calls for action.”
—Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, author of Roots of Resistance: A History of Land Tenure in New Mexico

“Historian and political activist Jim Cockcroft, inspired by the Mexican revolutionary tradition from Magón to the contemporary Zapatistas, describes Mexico’s trajectory from the Revolution of 1910 to the upheavals of today. Bringing to bear both his scholarship and his own involvement in Mexican and immigrant issues, Cockcroft describes the peasant revolution and labor radicalism, women’s and indigenous movements, as well as the migrants’ struggles and international alliances which constitute the main currents of Mexican history and represent the wellsprings of the Mexican future. It is a radical scholar’s guide to radical Mexico and well worth the read.”
—Dan La Botz
Editor, Mexican Labor News and Analysis

“This new work by one of the leading Mexicanist scholars of our time will fuel the continuing debate of progressive forces about the meaning of the great rebellion. There are chapters on the current situation in Mexico, the war against the drug lords, the influence of the conservative Catholic hierarchy, and the reactionary National Action Party in power and its infiltration by disguised fascists. Cockcroft describes the fight back of women, labor, students, peasants, intellectuals, the original peoples who speak ancient languages, and Mexican immigrants in the USA. This book is a landmark in the centennial celebration of the Mexican Revolution—a great, lively read and a must for all libraries plus college courses on Latin America, Mexico, and U.S. foreign policy.”
—Ross Gandy, Professor of Historical Sociology, National Autonomous University of Mexico, author of Marx and History
Written to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the first predominantly anti-capitalist revolution in the world, Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now is the perfect introductory text and one that will also sharpen the understanding of seasoned observers. Cockcroft provides readers with the historical context within which the revolution occurred; explains how the revolutionary process has played out over the past ten decades; tells us how the ideals of the revolution live on in the minds of Mexico’s peasants and workers; and critically examines the contours of modern Mexican society, including its ethnic and gender dimensions. Well-deserved attention is paid to the tensions between the rulers and the ruled inside the country and the connected tensions between the Mexican nation and the neighboring giant to the north.
Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now also explores the possibility of Mexico’s revolutionary history finally bearing the fruit long hoped for by the country’s disenfranchised—a prospect kept alive by the unyielding struggle of the last one hundred years. This is the definitive introduction to one of the most important events of the twentieth century.
James D. Cockcroft is a bilingual award-winning author of forty books on Latin America, Mexico, Latin@s, culture, migration, and human rights. He is Internet professor for the State University of New York, a poet, three-time Fulbright Scholar, and a veteran activist.

Here are pre-publication commentaries by prominent Mexican scholars on Cockcroft’s “Precursores intelectuales en el México del siglo xxi” (México: Jorale Editores/Orfila):
“This book is very important for its explanation of the influence of the ideas behind Mexico’s revolution yesterday and today. It is a work that professors and students interested in the Mexican Revolution must consult.” – Dr. Enrique Florescano, Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, Dirección General Adjunta de Proyectos Históricos, México

“An intellectual, cultural and socio-economic history, enriched by biographical entries, Dr. Cockcroft’s book constitutes an unrivalled classic on the socio-political and ideological roots of what is happening today, the Centenary of the revolution in Mexico. Moreover, it’s a literary piece most satisfying to read.”
– Dr. Jacinto Barrea Bassols, Dirección de Estudios Históricos, INAH, México

Here is a list of 13 books relating to Mexico authored by Cockcroft in the first decade of the 21st century:
1. LATINOS EN LA CONSTRUCCIÓN DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS (La Habana: Instituto del Libro, Ciencias Sociales, 2008)
2. (con Jesús Torres Nuño & Mario Alberto Nájera) TESTIMONIO DE UNA VICTORIA OBRERA DEL SIGLO XXI UNA HUELGA INTERNACIONALISTA EJEMPLAR: LA BATALLA DE EUZKADI (Guadalajara: Ediciones Presente y Futuro, 2008)
3. (with Richard A. Dello Buono & José Bell Lara, eds., et al.) IMPERIALISM, NEOLIBERALISM AND SOCIAL STRUGGLES IN LATIN AMERICA (Leiden & Boston: Brill, 2007)
4. MÉXICO MOMENTO HISTÓRICO DECISIONES 2006 (México: Jorale Editores & Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México, 2006)
5. (con Raúl Jiménez Lescas) MICHOACANOS E IRLANDESES EN LA GUERRA ANTIIMPERIALISTA, 1846-1848 (México, Morelia, Michoacán: Jorale Editores, Escuela Nacional para Trabajadores Plantel Morelia, Secretaría de Desarrollo Social, & Gobierno de Michoacán, “Cuéntame tu Historia,” 2006)
7. AMÉRICA LATINA Y ESTADOS UNIDOS HISTORIA Y POLÍTICA PAÍS POR PAÍS (México & Buenos Aires: siglo veintiuno editores, 2001; con una nueva introducción del autor, La Habana: Instituto del Libro, Ciencias Sociales, 2004)
8. LA ESPERANZA DE MÉXICO (México & Buenos Aires: siglo veintiuno editores, 2001)
9. LOS LATINOS EN EL BEISBOL DE ESTADOS UNIDOS (México: siglo veintiuno editores, 2000; La Habana: Instituto del Libro, Ciencias Sociales, 2006)
10. LATINO VISIONS: CONTEMPORARY CHICANO, PUERTO RICAN, AND CUBAN AMERICAN ARTISTS (Assisted by Jane Carolina Canning. Danbury, CT: Franklin Watts/Scholastic, 2000)
12. MEXICO’S REVOLUTION THEN AND NOW (New York: Monthly Review Press, 2010)
13. INTELLECTUAL PRECURSORES OF THE MEXICAN REVOLUTION (new edition of 1968 classic, Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2010)

Here are review excerpts on Cockcroft’s two previous Monthly Review Press books on Mexico:
(1) MEXICO’S HOPE: AN ENCOUNTER WITH POLITICS AND HISTORY. New York: Monthly Review Press, 1999. 435 pages; tables, notes; index; Spanish-language edition, Mexico: Siglo veintiuno editores, 2001.
“[Cockcroft’s] profound ability to link social struggles to historical process…. expertly blends analysis of political economy with discussion of class struggle and popular resistance. Through this blending, Cockcroft deftly [provides]…an analysis of how Mexico’s uneven development has impacted and shaped society with regards to class, race, and gender. Cockcroft’s historical analysis is…cogent and nuanced…making this an interpretive history that will be consulted by students, scholars, and activists for years to come.”
“...tells the dramatic story of the making of modern Mexico. In the course of providing compelling analysis of the causes for the vast divide between Mexico's rich and poor, James Cockcroft illuminates the stark contrast between the country's corrupt political system and its people's democratic aspirations…. particular attention to the contributions of women, Native Americans, workers, and peasants…. recommended reading for anyone wanting a succinct and articulate overview of contemporary Mexican politics and economic development.”
“The political-economic, indigenous and women's viewpoints are not just
juxtaposed, they are analytically integrated in a vigorous prose. Clearly and forcefully written, accompanied by 17 tables, and with extensive notes, Cockcroft’s ‘Mexico’s Hope’ represents the most forceful analysis, and at the same time the most sophisticated and subtle general history of Mexico available…. Cockcroft has written a multicultural and gendered history of Mexico which responds to the contemporary problematic…. comprehensive and compelling synthesis…. incorporates not only recent scholarship, but also reflects the impact of new social movements…. above all, this book is a good read…. ‘Mexico’s Hope’ will no doubt become a standard in Latin American and Mexican history courses, but labor unionists, human rights workers, social movement activists, and anyone interested in our nearest neighbor should buy and read this book. University, high school and public libraries should add this book to their collections, for it will find many readers.”
“The stunning defeat of the governing party in the elections of July 2000…confirms his main contention: the old system, stable for so many decades, cannot endure unchanged. Mexico’s hope is that previously excluded groups will be able to demand and receive greater social justice. Cockcroft focuses on structural changes rather than the more dramatic, and more ephemeral, political events that are the stuff of conventional histories…. This social history is an impressive literary as well as scholarly work. James Cockcroft, author of many important books on Mexico and Latin America, has managed here to organize complex and seemingly unconnected events stretching over six centuries into an especially compelling narrative of the still unresolved struggle for control of the country’s wealth and destiny.”
(2) MEXICO. NY: Monthly Review Press, 1983, art work by Rini Templeton, bib., index; 2nd ed. & update, 1990.
Review excerpts on what was said about first edition:
"An important and influential work...without doubt the best...the one book to pick up."
"Outstanding...essential reading."
"Strengthened by his attention throughout to women's problems and achievements."
"Breaks refreshingly with the ideological underpinnings of nearly all scholarship on Mexico.... a cogent and, at times, convincing version of why the bubble burst...a plausible explanation for the course of that country's history."
"A landmark book that could become a Mexicanist classic comparable to Barbarous Mexico...analytically superior....outstanding book."
"A pioneering work that guts fashionable theories in its brilliant analysis of the role of the poor in capital accumulation."
"It utilizes its sources deftly and presents findings in a focused us pause to rethink our positions on modern Mexico."
"Lucid, detailed...a solid piece of scholarship...will become the standard by which other works on Mexico will be judged."
"Comprehensive social history."
"Most comprehensive one volume."
"The Introduction explodes...This timely book contains the first comprehensive social history of Mexico in more than a decade....Many teachers will find in this book a classroom text...right on target."