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Writer, Professor, Revolutionary.

New Bilingual Poetry Book by Cockcroft

Announcing James Cockcroft’s new bilingual poetry book “WHY? ¿POR QUÉ? POURQUOI?” [Spanish announcement follows] being launched in Montreal May 30 (details below). The author and the publisher are donating 10% of every book sale to the families of the Cuba 5 (this includes all of the author royalties on all royalty payment copies and 10% from the publisher on all other copies); 25% of all purchases of more than one copy will go to the families of the Cuba 5. Donations can also be made to the families at the book publisher’s link about the book: . The book is being launched in Montreal on May 30, 2009, 6-8:30 PM, Centro Cultural Simón Bolívar, 394 de Maisonneuve O. (wine, cheese, live music), and the author will sign copies sold. There will be dialogue with the public on various themes raised in the reading and the music.

En un lanzamiento multilingüe el 30 de mayo, 2009, 6-8:30 de la tarde en el Centro Cultural Simón Bolívar, 394 de Maisonneuve O., el autor firmará cada ejemplar que se vende en un descuento de casi cuarenta porciento solamente ese día y donará todas sus regalías a los familiares de los Cinco Héroes de Cuba injustamente encarcelados en Estados Unidos más de 10 años por haber combatido al terrorismo. Habrá tiempo para un diálogo con el público sobre los varios temas que surgen de la lectura y la música. Habrá vino, queso y música por IQI Balam (La Banda de Gaza).

Para más informes, véase: ; .

Aquí hay unas notas y reseñas acerca del libro:

Here are some blurbs and reviews about the book:

Blurb by the book’s publisher on back jacket:
An award-winning author of 40 books, a three-time Fulbright Scholar, and a life-long human rights activist, Dr. James D. Cockcroft brings his readers "WHY? ¿POR QUÉ? POURQUOI?" – a bilingual English / Spanish collection of poetry. The author asks the age-old questions of love and grief, of nature and politics. Let James take you on his intellectual and emotional roller coaster ride from the hardheaded woman that takes no jive, to his understanding of "the wet joy of defiance". His ride will lift you from "autumn sun's casted rubies" to the Andes’ “sky-wind” and “snowy temples,” ending in the depths of the fight “with all and for the good of all” of political figures like “the Cuba 5”.

Blurb by Luke Rhinehart (Author of the internationally acclaimed novel THE DICE MAN):
James Cockcroft writes to be read and re-read and savored. His language is simple and direct but this simplicity belies the moving complexity of what he expresses, which never fails to surprise and please.

Blurb by Katharine Beeman (Direct and Devious Ways, The Muses' Company / La Compagnie des Muses):
What Cockcroft lives and depicts best is “Presente,” that concept that understands the thin line between love and grief; where there is no death because the absent are present; where we are linked in mutual responsibility and struggle in the spiral of Pacha Mama and the Great Mystery.

Blurb by R.D. Roy (Three Cities, A Pre-emptive Kindness, Hidden Brook Press):
Here we find tribute to love in all its forms. And as a bonus, we can rediscover how a good poem in English is somehow always a little sadder, triumphant, or sexier when it's said in Spanish.

Blurb by Daniel Del Solar (Journalist, Media Producer, General Manager non-commercial TV/radio stations States):
His poems delight in their variety, their profound reflection on the essential values of humanity. This ouvre gives a context to his more than forty major publications about Latin America and history, spinning personal expressions of his personal and political life.

Blurb by Pablo Armando Fernández (Literary Laureate of Cuba, 1996):
Cockcroft fija sus pasos a la evocación de reencuentros que siguen huellas trazadas en ciclos sucesivos, “presente”: “Porque seguimos caminando… unificados en el espíritu del Che”.

Blurb by Nancy Morejón (Poet Laureate of Cuba, 2005):
Estos poemas cantan a la vida con voz propia cuando nos demuestran que un mundo mejor es posible al celebrar la patria como punto inicial de los mejores sentimientos humanos. Quien lucha por una causa justa, aún desde la cárcel, expresa su hermosa verdad de amor a la patria que es decir humanidad. Los cinco héroes cubanos volverán trayéndonos su escudo hasta la tierra que los vio nacer.

These resounding poems singing to life make a self-celebration a collective one that shows a better world is possible, that celebrating homeland is an initial point for the best of human sentiments. Whoever fights for a just cause, even from jail, expresses the beautiful truth of love of homeland extended to all humanity. The Cuban Five must win their struggle to come back home and to let the whole planet know the real sense of love and poetry.

Blurb by Manuel de Jesús Velázquez León (poet, Editor-in-chief of The Ambassador, Vice President Canada Cuba Literary Alliance):
Lo más sorprendente de este nuevo libro de James Cockcroft es que siendo obra de madurez se plantee a sí mismo interrogantes conclusivas. En su compromiso reiterado con las rutas de lo humano, rastreadles en su obra política, es más fácil encontrar señales de orientación. Pero en su poesía—y este libro es ejemplo—las preguntas se abren al cielo como metáforas de una primavera que comienza con el título y nos deja en la última página con el hambre de seguir leyendo. Como Jeffers, busca “ese gran humanismo en el alma de las cosas” en arco irises sueltos sobre la lluvia u ocultos en las bóvedas de conchas de aguas profundas. Pero a diferencia del poeta misántropo que clamaba por la violencia como progenitora de los valores, Cockcroft, como José Martí, desborda confianza en el mejoramiento humano y la virtud. A su poesía se ha de ir a encontrarse con esa fe.

Most surprising of James Cockcroft’s new book is that though it is a work of maturity, he self-questions with conclusive interrogations. In his reasserted commitment to human paths, better traceable in his political work, it is easier to find signposts of orientation. Nevertheless, in his poetry—and this book is a sample—questions open to the heavens like springtime metaphors that begin with the title and leave you at the closing page hungry for more. Like Jeffers, he searches for “the great humanness at the heart of things” by rainbows cast over the rain or hidden in the tombs of deep-sea shells. But at variance with the misanthropic poet who claimed violence as the sire of values, Cockcroft, like José Martí, overflows with trust in human improvement and virtue. You may go to his poetry to find such faith.

The book can be ordered from:
Hidden Brook Press
109 Bayshore Road,
Brighton, Ontario
K0K 1H0
Phone - (613) 475-2368

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