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Mexico's Hope: An Encounter With Politics and History

MEXICO’S HOPE: AN ENCOUNTER WITH POLITICS AND HISTORY. New York: Monthly Review Press, 1999. 435 pages; tables, notes; index; Spanish-language edition, Mexico: Siglo veintiuno editores, 2001. Some review excerpts:

May First in the Belly of the Beast

Originally published on Cubanow [May 1, 2004]

The First of May has not been celebrated in the US since the beginning of the Cold War. The people don’t even know why it is celebrated in the rest of the world, in spite of the fact that it is held in honor of the eight Chicago Martyrs of 1886. But this 1st of May there will be protests because it is the first anniversary of the “victory” in the war against Iraq.

Cockcroft Quotes

“Several foreigners accused of bombing the World Trade Center and plotting other terrorist acts in New York City in 1993 were admitted into the country at CIA request."

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