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“J Cockcroft: Alleged Elections Fraud?! Mexican Elite will not allow Lopez Obrador to be President.”

“J Cockcroft: Alleged Elections Fraud?! Mexican Elite will not allow A Lopez Obrador to be President.” --

Biography of Hedda Garza (1929-1995) & Poem “Hardheaded woman”/ “Mujer Realista”

March 10, 2012 note by James Cockcroft: My late beloved second spouse Hedda Garza (1929-1995) is well known in the United States and indeed other parts of the world for her lifetime of courageous activism for revolution, human rights, feminism, and human liberation. She worked with many famous revolutionaries, including Malcolm X and Conrad Lynn. She never sought fame for herself and I honoured that by not including this entry in my blog or other publications, a mistake on my part aggravated by my extreme grief triggered by her sudden unexpected death.

Occupy Montreal/Social Movements Quebec & CELAC

Youtube interviews with James Cockcroft and Claude Morin in English & French background new unity of social movements in North and South in support of CELAC leading to big continental meeting (since postponed until 2012): and

KPFA interview of Cockcroft on Mexico

Cockcroft describes Mexico’s grand revolutionary tradition, a radical lineage that lives on in current-day struggles both within Mexico and among US-based immigrants. He discusses the radical visions of the Magonista, Zapatista, and other revolutionaries of 1900-1920; the ideological roots of waves of resistance to Mexican and US elites since then; the elections-related turmoil that has periodically plagued Mexico; and the U.S.-sponsored “narco wars” and propaganda about "failed states" to justify militarization of Mexico and other nations.

Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now, new book by Cockcroft

Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now by James D. Cockcroft, New York: Monthly Review Press, ISBN: 978-1-58367-224-2, 160 pages, 2010

$14.95 paperback, History / Latin America & The Caribbean
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Reviews from

Mexico: ‘Failed States’, New Wars, Resistance

James D. Cockcroft, “Mexico: ‘Failed States’, New Wars, Resistance,” Monthly Review, Volume 62, Number 6 (November 2010), pp. 28-42: “A social volcano is bubbling in Mexico...

Mexico’s Crisis in Historical Context

“Mexico’s Crisis in Historical Context,” Against the Current, # 148 (September/October 2010), 17-19, and

“International Tribunal on Trade Union Freedom Condemns Mexican Presidency" by James Cockcroft

In Mexico City on October 28, the International Tribunal on Trade Union Freedom (October 26, 2009-May 1, 2010), concluded its first of two public sessions with a scathing preliminary report that condemned President Felipe Calderón for his violent union-busting measures since taking office after his questionable 2006 election. The Tribunal had been organized in prior months by more than 30 social and civil organizations of Mexico and other countries. It heard public testimonies by representatives of 16 trade unions under attack in Mexico’s privatization race to the bottom.

Honduras: The Moment of Truth for the Obama Administration

“Honduras: The Moment of Truth for the Obama Administration” *
The military coup currently underway in Honduras is a hard coup accompanied by various vain attempts to make it appear soft and "constitutionalist." Behind the coup are diverse social, economic, and political forces, of which the most important is the administration of President Barack Obama.


In his January 2009 speech commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, President Raúl Castro, known popularly as Raúl, repeated Fidel’s oft-quoted 2005 speech to University of Havana students: “This nation can self-destruct… those who can’t destroy it are them [the U.S. imperialists]; we, yes, we can destroy it and it would be our fault.”

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