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Writer, Professor, Revolutionary.
Welcome! Award-winning author and three-time Fulbright Scholar Dr. James D. Cockcroft is Professor via Internet at State University of New York. This site offers links to Cockcroft’s articles in Spanish and other languages (for more materials in Spanish see other sections, e.g. biography , bibliography, etc.). The site also features Cockcroft's interviews, books, poems, c.v., most used websites, a site map, an RSS XML feed feed and more.

Cockcroft entrevistas sobre la crisis económica y elecciones en EEUU, Radio Provincia de Buenos Aires, La Plata, Argentina,

En varias entrevistas telefónicas con Radio Provincia de Buenos Aires, La Plata, Argentina [ ], incluso las del 29 de julio de 2011 y del 6 de marzo de 2012, Cockcroft hace un análisis anticapitalista global y ve esperanza en los movimientos sociales de Europa, el norte de África, y otros continentes, incluso las Américas, señalando lo original e importante de “la asamblea de los pueblos” en Montreal, Quebec, los días 19-21 de agosto de 2011 ( véase ) y "Occupy Wall Street," "Occupy Oakland," etc.

KPFA interview of Cockcroft on Mexico

Cockcroft describes Mexico’s grand revolutionary tradition, a radical lineage that lives on in current-day struggles both within Mexico and among US-based immigrants. He discusses the radical visions of the Magonista, Zapatista, and other revolutionaries of 1900-1920; the ideological roots of waves of resistance to Mexican and US elites since then; the elections-related turmoil that has periodically plagued Mexico; and the U.S.-sponsored “narco wars” and propaganda about "failed states" to justify militarization of Mexico and other nations.

“CAMBIO DE ÉPOCA” « Changement d’Époque »

“CAMBIO DE ÉPOCA,” por James D. Cockcroft*

Entrevista a Cockcroft sobre Posada y Los Cinco por Percy Francisco Alvarado Godoy

“El contraste no puede ser más claro, toda una vida dedicada a actos de terrorismo en los casos de Posada y otros terroristas, y toda una vida dedicada a la prevención del terrorismo y la creación de la paz en los casos de los Cinco Héroes Cubanos.

Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now, new book by Cockcroft

Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now by James D. Cockcroft, New York: Monthly Review Press, ISBN: 978-1-58367-224-2, 160 pages, 2010

$14.95 paperback, History / Latin America & The Caribbean
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Editorial: JORALE EDITORES / ORFILA Autor: James D. COCKCROFT ISBN: 9786077522058
México, 2010 Núm. de páginas: 160 Formato: 15 x 23 cm


Mexico: ‘Failed States’, New Wars, Resistance

James D. Cockcroft, “Mexico: ‘Failed States’, New Wars, Resistance,” Monthly Review, Volume 62, Number 6 (November 2010), pp. 28-42: “A social volcano is bubbling in Mexico...

More articles by Cockcroft in French and Spanish on Mexico’s Crisis Today

More articles by Cockcroft in French and Spanish on Mexico’s Crisis Today

Mexico’s Crisis in Historical Context

“Mexico’s Crisis in Historical Context,” Against the Current, # 148 (September/October 2010), 17-19, and

New Cockcroft Books, Articles, & Lecture Tours 2010-2011 Centenary Mexican Revolution

In 2010-2011 Dr. James D. Cockcroft is conducting a lecture/book tour in Mexico, USA, Canada and Europe on topics related to Mexico and US interventionism. Cockcroft’s tours include his May Day appearances in 2010 and 2011 in Mexico City’s main plaza as a member of civil society’s International Tribunal on Trade Union Freedom and Tribunal Internacional de Conciencia de los pueblos en Movimiento.

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